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As a Platinum Cardmember you receive exclusive access to lower fares on international premium class tickets

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Membership Rewards®

Booking through the International Airline Program online provides you with flexibility to earn and spend your points. You can pay or part pay using your Membership Rewards® and earn points everytime you book.

Airline miles

Make the most of your travel rewards and earn your air miles directly with some of our valued partners when you book an International Airline Program flight. Even when you pay or part pay with your Membership Rewards® points, you'll still earn your air miles. 

Travel with friends and family

Benefit from lower fares for you and up to seven friends or family to over 180 destinations around the world.

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To explore International Airline Program flights, first log-in to your American Express account

Step 2: Search

Using the booking tool to search First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy Fares.

Step 3: Book

Look out for the International Airline Programme banner, across selected flights for great value premium fares.

With over 11 participating world-class international airlines

Have a question?

Why am I not seeing any International Airline Program flights in my search query?

The International Air Program allows Platinum Card holders to benefit from reduced prices only on international flights, operated by partner airlines. If you do not see any offers from the International Airline Program, it is also possible that there are no more flights available.

Which types of tickets are eligible for International Airline Program?

Discounts are offered on all First, Business, and Premium Economy class tickets with participating carriers, and are offered on refundable, restricted, and non-refundable fare types.

Is there a limit to how many travelers can be included in an International Airline Program trip?

The Card Member may choose to travel alone or bring up to 7 additional travelers (8 total travelers max).The Card Member must be traveling in order for all passengers to receive the discounted benefit.

Can I use Membership Rewards Pay with Points for all or part of my fare?

IAP includes flexible payment options through Pay With Points for partial or full payment. You will have the opportunity to select your payment option during the booking process.

International Airline Programme (IAP) Terms and Conditions

1. American Express reserves the rights to change these conditions from time to time with 21 days prior notice and/or to discontinue the whole programme.

2. Airlines reserve the right to change, cancel or restrict flight operations without notice. IAP upgrades or specially negotiated fares may be limited by airlines to certain flights and/or dates (“blackouts”). IAP is subject to the terms and conditions of each participating carrier. American Express does not guarantee  that seats or tickets will be available.

3. To qualify for the IAP upgrades or specially negotiated fares:

• Your journey must start and end at the same port as designated by the participating airline and be completed within the period during which your selected carrier participates in the programme. You will be advised of any applicable dates at the time of booking;

• IAP tickets must be purchased through the Platinum Travel Service and must be charged to a valid American Express Platinum Card which is in good standing;

• The Platinum Cardmember who purchases the ticket(s) must be one of the travellers;

• IAP tickets are non-transferable and non-endorsable.

4. Any travel on non-participating airlines must be ticketed and paid for separately and is not part of the IAP. Certain code share or flights on the worldwide partners of the participating airlines may not apply.

5. Certain IAP airlines or non-participating airlines impose restrictions such as ticketing time limit on advance booking to indicate a timeline for ticketing upon making your reservations. For each individual airline Terms & Conditions, please check with the Platinum Travel Service for details.

6. IAP upgrade offer or specially negotiated fares is not valid and may not be combined with any promotion, discount, negotiated or corporate rate.

7. American Express acts only as an agent for travel service providers and does not own or operate any airline or means of transportation. American Express is not liable for service deficiencies on the part of airlines or other service providers, including but not limited to: accidents and injuries; delays; changes in routes or itineraries; loss, theft or damages to possessions. American Express strongly advises travellers to insure themselves against travel risks. Travellers are responsible for ensuring that they have valid documentation and for complying with the health, customs, currency and other laws of any country they enter or attempt to enter.

8. IAP is available to Platinum Cardmembers from a variety of participating airlines each with specifically designated ports of departure and arrival. Please refer to the Platinum Travel Service for details of participating airlines, applicable routing and timetables and fares in force at any particular time.

9. Other International Airline Programme Terms & Conditions apply.

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